Yusuf/Cat Stevens



Legendary singer/songwriter Yusuf / Cat Stevens has launched a campaign to help Syrian children refugee with a charity gig on 14th June at London’s Central Hall, Westminster, andthe release of a unique single, He Was Alone.
Yusuf’s charity, Small Kindness is coordinating with other charities including Save The Children and Penny Appeal to raise funds for the estimated 10,000 refugee children who find themselves on their own, fending for themselves.

The support for this cause has also been strengthened by a growing list of celebrities and
stars, including Ricky Gervais, Emma Hamilton, Brian May…….

You can help our campaign by using the hashtag #youarenotalone on social media, buying
a ticket for the concert or simply donating whatever possible towards the appeal at the
following charities:


Small Kindness



Cat Stevens started his musical career fifty years ago in 1966, with “I Love My Dog” and “Matthew & Son” becoming his early chart hits. That same year saw songs written for other artists such as “Here Comes My Baby” and “The First Cut Is The Deepest”; the latter going on to become an international multi hit for both Rod Stewart and Cheryl Crowe.
In 1968, Cat Stevens contracted tuberculosis which hospitalised him for several months. It began a process of inner reflection and meditation. This transformed him into one of the most profound artists in pop music history.
From 1970 to 1978 he released the albums that would establish him as a leading Singersongwriter of his generation. His major albums included Tea for the Tillerman, with such songs as Wild World and Father & Son, titles which would become hits for Jimmy Cliff, Maxi Priest, and produce a massive hit for Boyzone. Teaser and the Firecat followed in 1971 with songs like Morning Has Broken, Peace Train and Moonshadow.
His unique background and style of song-writing mirroring his personal humanitarian worldview and spiritual explorations made him a major icon for many artists who name him as their influence.
He experienced another momentous and life-changing moment in 1975, almost drowning whilst swimming at Malibu Beach in the Pacific Ocean. Soon after Cat received a copy of the Koran and in 1977 he embraced Islam after which he left the music world and concentrated on raising a family, establishing schools and working full-time for humanitarian causes.
In 2003, Yusuf received the ‘World Social Award’ in Germany from an International World Awards Jury for “dedicating his life to aiding the needy and the ill.” And in 2004 he was presented with the Man of Peace award by Mikhail Gorbachev on behalf of a committee of Nobel peace laureates for having worked to “alleviate the suffering of thousands of children and their parents and dedicating himself to promoting peace, reconciling people and the condemnation of terrorism.”
Following the growing rise in antagonism between religious and secular fanaticism between certain radicalised Muslims and the West, Yusuf decided to return to making music and writing songs in 2006 with hope of bridging cultural gaps and creating a more charitable and peaceful world, very much exemplified by the present campaign #YouAreNot Alone.