The Committee Meeting

The Committee Meeting

The best thing to happen to the Valleys since 1992’s Garden Festival of Wales, Chris Corcoran (Radio Wales’ Rhod Gilbert Show) and Elis James (BB2’s 8/10 Cats) bring their 21st-century take on workingman’s club culture. Comedy gang show committee style, plus bingo.  All members must attend; by reading this you are a member.

‘Hilarious – a totally unique experience. If all committees were this much fun I’d buy a blazer and run for council!’ Rhod Gilbert

‘You could power Wales with the amount of goodwill James and Corcoran create in the room’ Edinburgh is Funny

‘Warm performers with a delicious wit’ The Stage

‘Character comedy of the sloppiest, yet most satisfying kind’ Sunday Express

‘delightfully scatter-brained Welsh character comedy with a conspiratorial smirk’ Metro