Rob Newman


Following sell-out performances at Edinburgh and across the UK in 2014, one of Britain’s finest comedians Rob Newman is back on the road with his brand new show, ‘The Brain Show’, in which he takes a sceptical approach to some grand claims made by neuroscience. After volunteering for a brain-imaging experiment meant to locate the part of the brain that lights up when you’re in love, Rob emerges with more questions than answers Can brain scans read our minds? Are we our brains? How can you map the mind? If each brain has more connections than there are atoms in the universe, then how big will a map of the brain have to be?

Seeking answers to these questions, The Brain Show explores everything from the thought-processes of stripy spiders to the neurobiology of romantic love, and from Alan Turing in a fortune-teller’s tent to Isaac Newton having a meltdown at a County Fair.

The Brain Show features weird and wonderful electronic props such as a live brain-imaging electroencephalograph (EEG) hat, which gives the audience a read-out of Rob’s fluctuating mental state during the show.

Released on the 28th October 2015, Rob’s hilarious and fascinating new popular science book ‘The Entirely Accurate Encyclopaedia of Evolution’ (published by Freight) is a witty, fact-packed A-Z that takes the reader on a whirlwind tour from caring, sharing vampire bats to intelligent slime-mould; from pacifist baboons to Richard Dawkins wrestling naked with his postman; from the invisibility cloak of the Hawaiian bobtail squid to Francis ‘DNA’ Crick’s belief that life on earth began with alien spaceships. Like Life on Earth meets QI, this great book for popular science and comedy lovers alike has also seen Rob return to create a BBC Radio 4 series (**** Daily Mail) of the same title, transmitting weekly from 15th October 2015.


“He is one amazing comedian” Time Out (2015)

“Newman’s comedy probably has more constituent parts than any other comic’s and yet the whole is still greater than the sum of those parts…. Very, very funny.” The Scotsman                   

 “The Brain Show… a performance that mixes hard fact with dizzying flights of comedic fantasy.’ The Guardian




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