Mock the Week 1

One of television’s best kept secrets, Mock The Week stands aside from the ongoing collection of panel quiz games by being both very, very funny, and consistently keeping its standards high.

The format certainly helps. Based on the principle of two teams going head to head in a quiz based on the week’s happenings, Mock The Week then promptly rips up the textbook by introducing all sorts of madness. Improvisation? Yup. A bit of role play? Yup. Lots of laughs? Absolutely. In short, take something like Have I Got News For You, mix in some elements of Whose Line Is It Anyway? and add in some incredibly funny panelists, and this gem of a show is the end result.

What really makes it though is not just the format, but the panelists themselves. Hosted by one of the funniest men on the planet, Dara O’Briain, Mock The Week then brings in the likes of Hugh Dennis, Russell Howard and the gut-wrenchingly funny Frankie Boyle. The mixture is perfect, and the show simply superb.

What’s more, this surprisingly lengthy DVD also brings in lots of material that even hardened fans of the show won’t have seen before. That surely makes Mock the Week: Too Hot For TV one of the must-have comedy discs of the last few years. And given the consistently high quality of the show, be prepared for more releases in the future too. Bring them on…