Mark Thomas Live: Serious Organised Criminal

MarkThomas-Serious Organised Criminal

Comedy that really makes a difference! This is Mark’s true story of cake icing as a political weapon, of demonstrations to Defend Surrealism and getting to like the police. Mark turns an 18 month battle over Parliament Square and the right to demonstrate into bizarrely brilliant stand up.

 This is how Mark fought the law … with the law’s permission! It is a laugh out loud funny world inhabited by anarchists, Goths, artists and the Westminster Constabulary, in which Mark becomes a Guinness World Record holder, organises 2,500 protests in one day and changes the law in the process. This show is the tale of this very British protest, using pedantry, politeness, playfulness and persistence to challenge oppressive authority.

Phil McIntyre Entertainments were proud to produce Mark Thomas Live: Serious Organised Criminal