Greg Foot

Greg Foot

CAUTION: Safety Goggles Required!

Curious Questions. Explosive Answers.


Ever wondered why your fingers go wrinkly in the bath? What explosions in space really look like? Or why beans make you fart?! Well wonder no more.

Fresh from Blue Peter and BBC’s Factomania join TV & YouTube Science Guy Greg Foot for an evening of curious questions and explosive answers. As seen on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, BBC’s Secrets of Everything, The One Show and by 5 Million people on Youtube! Greg will stop at nothing to answer YOUR questions LIVE, even if he has to use a giant flamethrower, make a rainbow indoors or launch a space rocket!

Make sure you bring along your own burning questions for Greg to answer – or tweet them in advance to @gregfoot.

Oh, and a WARNING: This show features some VERY loud bangs and some HUGE flames! So if you like your eyebrows make sure you bring your safety goggles along… You’ve got some right? No?! Uh oh!                            @gregfoot