Danny Bhoy

Danny Bhoy (real name Danni Chaudhry, born January 17, 1974) is an Indian-Scottish comedian who has found success in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. He is half-Indian and half-Scottish.
He began stand up in 1998 after going to see his first comedy show at the Edinburgh Festival. A year later, he won The Daily Telegraph Open Mic Award,[5] Britain’s biggest competition for comedy newcomers. In 2001, Danny took his first full length solo show to the Edinburgh Festival, where, within a week, he had sold out his entire three-week run, and added extra shows to cope with demand for tickets.
In 2005, Danny was invited to take part in the Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, where the Montreal Gazette described him as ‘the stand out hit of the festival.’ In November, Danny was invited to take part in the inaugural Las Vegas Comedy Festival alongside some of the biggest names in comedy including Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock.
Since returning from his 2007 tour of Australia, Danny Bhoy is back on the road again. In 2009 Danny Bhoy, returned to Australia, for another tour.
Danny appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, broadcast on March 05, 2010, and the Comedy Network’s “Saturday Night Stand-up,” which was broadcast on April 17, 2010.