Chris Stokes

The Man Delusion

Chris Stokes?  Yes.  Comedian?  Absolutely.  Award-winning?  You betcha.  Man..?  Can you be more specific?

Ostensibly a human, Chris returns to the Fringe with a new show about you.  Well, the species that you have in common with him.

“Excellent” **** (Daily Mirror).

“It takes some flair to mix script, tangents, conversation, heartbreak and make it all look so effortless” **** (The Skinny).

“Very gifted” **** (The List).

“Very funny, well-crafted stand-up” **** (Broadway Baby).

“One impressive comic” (The New Statesman).

“Genuine, uncontrived epiphanies as well as laughs” (Chortle).

“Hilarious” (The Scotsman)